Mar 17, 2021


Not sure whether to buy a home that’s on the market for sale, or build a brand-new home? Are you ready to consider creating a dream living space for you and your family? Here are 10 Reasons Why Building A New Home Provides More Value Than Buying A Resale Property:

1. Cutting Edge Design
New homes have the most current, cutting edge design elements. This helps your home look and feel new and current.

2. Builder’s Warranty
Most custom home builders honour a one-year warranty and then after that the homeowner is responsible for the upkeep. An additional structural warranty is also offered that covers items like the roof, foundation, and other large structural elements on your home.

3. When You Move In, Everything Is New
You won’t have to worry about wear and tear, replacing things or repairs since everything is new when you build a new home.

4. Energy Efficient Cooling, Heating and Ventilation
From energy efficient HVAC to high performance windows and tight construction and ducts, your home will be built to efficiently cool, heat and maintain recommended humidity control. This will also make living in your new home comfortable.

5. Energy Efficient Appliances
The latest energy efficient appliances will help you conserve energy and will cut down on your energy bills (which saves you money). These top-of-the-line appliances can be quieter and have a more modern looking design.

6. Customized To Fit Your Style
You are going to love your new custom home on the inside and out…since everything will be customized to fit your style and lifestyle! Isn’t that what dream homes are all about?

7. Low Maintenance
We mentioned that everything is new on number 3 above. Also, with a new home, the maintenance and repairs are covered under warranty for the first year (and much longer for the structural warranty)

8. Built To Current Industry Standards
Building codes address concerns that include public heather and safety and environmental protection…not to mention cost efficiency and investment value. Your new home will be built following strict building industry code standards. In fact, materials used to build new home are more durable and longer lasting than ever before.

9. Designed Specifically For You
You have control over your floor plan, that will be designed specifically for you and your new custom home. Your builder is there to guide you and make recommendations along the way, to help you make your dream home floor plan a reality. From landscaping to paint colors, and everything in between, you are in charge and your home will be designed specifically for you!

10. It Is A Great Investment
Building a new custom home is a great investment. Some real estate experts say that new construction properties appreciate faster than resale properties. You are also building equity in a tangible asset when you own real estate. That’s a win-win!

We’ve given you ten excellent reasons to build a home for you and your family. Stranville Living looks forward to helping you design and build your brand new dream home!