Winter Is Here

Feb 9, 2021


As we endure this week of extremely cold temperatures, it is important to remember that seeing some condensation and frost on the INSIDE of your windows is completely normal. Freezing air temps outside cool your window’s glass and the warm, moist air from your home is condensing on the cool surface of your window. You can help mitigate this by: 1. Opening your blinds or curtains. 2. Ensure that the furnace heat vents located below your windows are not covered by furniture or blocked by curtains. 3. Turn on your furnace fan to circulate the air in your home. Your heating system is designed so the heat registers push air over the surface of your windows, reducing the amount of moisture that can collect over the cold surface of the window’s glass. In case there is already frost build-up on your windows, it is a good idea to have a towel ready to soak up any water as it melts. Feel free to message us if you require any further info or email [email protected]. Lethbridge New Home Builder – Stranville Living Master Builder