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City of Lethbridge

BILD Builder of the Year 2023 award

Lethbridge’s 2022 and 2023 Builder of the Year

Every year, BILD Lethbridge Region honors its members with Awards of Excellence in Housing. These awards celebrate the members’ efforts in advancing the goals of the residential construction industry, as well as their commitment to providing quality, affordable, and diverse housing options in well-planned communities for consumers in the Lethbridge region. Stranville Living is thrilled to be recognized as their Builder of the Year for two years in a row! We take this accomplishment with us into 2024, inspiring us to provide even more careful thought to our practical contributions to the community of Lethbridge.

Master Home Renovator
Best Customer Experience Winner
Master Home Builder Lethbridge 2023
BILD 2022 Awards

This past year, we were honoured to be recognized by BILD – Lethbridge in five different categories:

Builder of the Year 2022

Best Kitchen 2022

Best Single-Family Home 2022 ($525,001-$600,000)

Best Single-Family Home 2022 ($475,001-$525,000)

Best Single-Family Home 2022 ($375,001-$425,000)

Additional Awards

Since our founding year in 2012, we’ve received awards for our great precision and expertise

BILD – Lethbridge

· Best Kitchen 2021

· Best Single-Family Home 2021 ($260,001-$290,000)

· Best High Efficiency Home 2021 (Charlesworth Residence)

· Best Single-Family Home 2020 ($290,000-$320,000)

· Best Single-Family Home 2020 ($260,000-$290,000)

· Builder Safety Award 2019

· Best Ensuite 2019

· Best Multi-Family Unit 2018 (3 or more)

· Best Single-Family Home 2017 ($230,000-$260,000)

· Best Single-Family Home 2017 ($200,000-$230,000)

· Best Single-Family Home 2016 (1401 – 1550 sq.ft.)

· Best Single-Family Home 2016 (1551 – 1700 sq.ft.)

· Best Single-Family Home 2015 (1251 – 1400 sq.ft.)

· Best Single-Family Home 2015 (1551 – 1700 sq.ft.)

· Best Single-Family Home 2014 (2001 – 2600 sq.ft.)

· Best Single-Family Home 2014 (4000+ sq.ft.)

· Best Multi-Family Home 2012 (Overall Unit)

· Best Multi-Family Home 2012 (Individual Unit 3+)

BILD – Alberta

· Builder Safety Award 2022

· Builder Safety Award 2021

· Best Single-Family Home 2021 ($325,000-$350,000)

· Builder Safety Award 2018

· Best Single-Family Home 2018 ($300,000-$325,000)

· Builder Safety Award 2017

CHBA – National

· Best Ensuite Finalist 2023

· Best Single-Family Home Finalist 2023 – The Addison

· Best Single-Family Home Finalist 2023 – The Perth II

Community Involvement

The community of Lethbridge is the backbone of our business at Stranville Living. It is crucial that as a business and as individual members of this southern Albertan city that we be involved in our community. We aim to build relationships with people and businesses who work and live in our home town as a means to encourage growth and mutual support for everyone regardless of background, status, or age.

Below are some of our own endeavors as a company support our community as well as some ways we do our best to give back.

Who deserves better?

Who deserves better?

Community Appreciation Program

Our tag line, YOU DESERVE BETTER, references what we believe you should expect in a new home from Stranville Living Master Builder; better products used in the build process and a quality of workmanship that is better than most. We truly believe that today’s home buyer DESERVES BETTER.

While we understand that not everyone can live in a new home, we do believe that everyone DESERVES a certain quality of life and to live in a comfortable, safe place. However, the unfortunate reality is that many people are challenged daily by this fundamental need and struggle to find a way to simply live a BETTER life.

These challenges are not the same for everyone. Some may find themselves challenged to get around in a living space that isn’t as functional as it once was for someone who’s getting older. Maybe the windows or doors don’t protect the inside living space from the outside elements like they once did. Perhaps access to the home is compromised by a set of steps or a ramp that poses a risk for injury each time they’re used.

Whatever that challenge is, we want to help. We know we can’t help everyone, but our team at Stranville Living Master Builder and our partners are launching this program today that will give us an opportunity to help someone in need. The WHO DESERVES BETTER? program intends to use our industry resources to assess, design, and execute a solution to someone’s home-based challenge or obstacle.

We were thrilled to receive dozens of nominations of deserving families in the Lethbridge area. We asked for nominations from the public, local charities, and non-profit organizations in and around Lethbridge telling us about someone they know and care about who needs the expertise of a group of motivated industry professional to help them LIVE BETTER.  

After an extensive nomination period and selection process, the Blake family, comprising parents and their two young children, were chosen for this extraordinary transformation. The family’s story is one of courage and resilience, with a unique set of challenges that called for a remarkable solution. 

Blake Family Renovation

Inaugural WHO Deserves Better? program

The Blake Family’s Main Floor Renovation

KidSport Lethbridge and Taber

2022 Business and Sport Excellence Recipient

Supporting youths in sports is one of our favourite ways to give back to the community. Many of our staff coach local sports including soccer and hockey.

In the year 2022, the Stranville Living Master Builder achieved a significant milestone by making the biggest contribution ever recorded in the history of KidSport Lethbridge and Taber. This was accomplished through the construction of the KidSport house and by obtaining donations from 29 subcontractors. The total sum of the donation amounted to $70,030, which is expected to benefit a minimum of 281 children in Lethbridge by providing them access to sports facilities.

Kids Sport Lethbridge

Photo courtesy of Lethbridge Sport Council

Stranville Living donates to various charities and community organizations, including the following

Coalbanks Elementary School

Gujarati Society of Lethbridge

Lethbridge Food Bank

Baby It's Cold Outside Winter Clothing Drive

Lethbridge Orcas Swim Club

Copperwood Community - Movie In The Park