Empowering Young Women in Trades and Technologies With CAREERS

Apr 30, 2024


In a world where skilled trades and technologies are traditionally dominated by men, it’s crucial to empower and encourage young women to explore these fields. Despite the opportunities available, young women aren’t currently choosing careers in trades or technology at the same rate as their male counterparts. According to Saroeun Keuth-Ray, the southern Alberta regional manager with Careers: The Next Generation, less than five per cent of Alberta’s labor market consists of women in skilled trades. This underrepresentation underscores the importance of initiatives like the Young Women in Trades and Technologies (YWITT) spring break camp. 

    YWITT Spring Break Camp by CAREERS 

    The YWITT Spring Break Camp is an initiative by CAREERS: The Next Generation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in skilled trades and technologies. This flagship program is designed to break barriers and give young women the opportunity and confidence to explore career options in non-traditional skilled trades and technologies. 

    During the week-long camp, participants engage in hands-on activities and receive mentorship from industry professionals. They are encouraged to be open to new possibilities and experiences that will help them build a greater awareness of the career opportunities available to them. Through engaging activities and interactions with industry professionals, young women gain confidence in pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

    Stranville Living’s Participation in YWITT 

    Stranville Living Master Builder was proud to welcome a group of female high school students to our office and show homes as part of the YWITT spring break camp in early April 2024. During their visit, we aimed to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and inspire them to consider careers in this field. 

    First, we took the students to see our under-construction homes, where they witnessed tradespersons busy at work. They observed electricians, plumbers, flooring specialists, carpenters, and others in action, gaining insight into the diverse range of skills required in the construction trades. We explained the significance of each task and how they contribute to the overall completion of a home. This hands-on experience allowed the students to see firsthand the teamwork and collaboration involved in bringing a project to fruition. 

    Next, we toured finished homes, highlighting what is needed to attract buyers in the real estate market. We discussed the importance of curb appeal, interior design, and modern amenities in appealing to potential homeowners. Furthermore, we shared insights into the process of making connections with homebuyers, understanding their needs, and ultimately closing sales. By providing a glimpse into the sales and marketing aspect of the industry, we aimed to show the students that there are diverse career paths within construction beyond physical labor. 

    Overall, our goal was to expose the students to various aspects of the construction industry, from office management to on-site construction and sales. By showcasing our processes, expertise, and the breadth of opportunities available, we hoped to inspire these young women to consider pursuing careers in construction and contribute to closing the gender gap in the skilled trades. 

    More About Careers: The Next Generation 

    We greatly enjoyed participating in this year’s YWITT Spring Break Camp which is just one of the programs and events that CAREERS organizes. The main focus of CAREERS is helping students find opportunities to land paid internships in the careers they wish to explore further. Student interns are paid for their work and earn high school credits. They may also register to have their work experience hours counted towards their apprenticeship certification through the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). This hands-on, real-world experience is invaluable for students as they consider their future career paths. 

    At Stranville Living Master Builder, we recognize the importance of supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce as well as encouraging all young people to pursue rewarding careers in Alberta. That’s why we are proud to partner with Careers: The Next Generation in their efforts to connect young men and women with opportunities in skilled trades and technologies.


    In conclusion, initiatives like YWITT are crucial for breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive workforce. Stranville Living Master Builder is honored to support such programs and remains committed to fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion within our industry and beyond. Together, we can inspire the next generation of female leaders in trades and technologies. 

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